FMG Dally Camp 900 Person

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


60km North of Tom Price, Pilbara, WA is where you will find the FMG Solomon site.

Grounded Construction Group were engaged by McNally Group to complete the refurbishment of several of the Dally camps buildings. These works included:

  • Re complex Kitchen
  • Re complex Wet Mess
  • Re complex accommodation units
  • Re complex central facilitates
  • Installation of verandahs

FMG Solomon Kings Central 100 Man Office

Saturday, June 7, 2014


McNally Group engaged Grounded Construction to complete the refurbishment of the office building at the Kings Central Project which is located within the Solomon Mine Site, 60km north of Tom Price.

The building was a 14 floor transportable office and required refurbishment internally and externally. Works included in our scope were:

– Removal of existing internal walls, ceiling and vinyl
– Installation of new external cladding
– Installation of new gyprock to walls and ceiling
– Painting
– Supply and installation of glass partition walls
– Installation of replacement external windows
– Repair of subfloor materials
– Installation of new vinyl
– Repairs to the roof of the building including replacement of materials

While on site completing this refurbishment, Grounded Construction were also asked to complete a roof restoration to another building on site within the Kings Central site.





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