Our vision & mission

To be grounded, feet firmly on the soil. Solid in consistency, thought and action.

Strength in our relationships

Through strength in our relationships with our people and suppliers, commitment to health and safety excellence and community participation, we develop secure and comfortable facilities for our mining communities.

  • To help build well-grounded communities with sustainable infrastructure, created on the principles of healthy balanced living, built to provide comfort and security and where individuals can not just survive, but flourish.
  • To build relationships with our clients, founded on trust and a rigorous adherence to transparency and honesty.
  • To ground ourselves to the local environs and actively engage with all stakeholders in the remote communities where we provide our expertise.

Our Core Values


Core pillar 1 new dimensions


It’s simple, safety first. Nothing happens unless we are 100% satisfied that all OH&S policies and procedures are understood and adhered to.

Our staff and contractors are all D&A tested and undergo some of the most exhaustive medicals before projects begin. On each project we have multiple inducted personnel who take care during the building process to deliver a clean and pristine work place environment.


Core pillars 4 new dimensions


All of our Australian products are quality tested. We engage with local, longstanding trades who have the knowledge and expertise to deliver every time.

We take great pride in delivering solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. That demands attention to detail, superior supervision protocols and robust quality control.


core pillars 5 new dimensions


In close partnership with our stakeholders, we embrace new ideas, plan and prepare our work to maximise an efficient use of resources. Measurable objectives and targets are set regularly and achieved.

Our highly engineered scheduling process ensures that no detail is forgotten. We’re big on investing resources into organising structures at the front end, so that roadblocks don’t happen during project implementation.

This results in projects being delivered in a timely manner, such as our Newman Racecourse project (including installation, refurbishment and relocation) that was turned around in 6 short weeks.


Core pillars 3 new dimensions


Say it. Mean it. Do it. We manage every facet of each project in house. Communication via one dedicated project manager ensures a smooth and successful result and the ability to navigate through unforeseen challenges.


Core pillars 2 new dimensions


Talk to us anytime about any aspect of your project. We love the simplicity of direct straightforward communication.

Open and regular communication leaves little room for conjecture or misunderstanding.

We run a nation-wide server, where all documents are cloud- based, secure and accessible to clients.



Core pillar cost effectiveness


Through careful planning and extensive research, we’ve streamlined our structures and our supply chains to be able to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our clients.

We are able to meet budgets without compromising on quality and have built a good reputation for judicious spending.

For further information about our services and projects please call (08) 9321 3398, or visit our online contact form.


Our Projects