1000 person construction camp

Having successfully completed a 200 person construction camp for Eliwana, Grounded Group were appointed to build the much larger 1000 person main camp. Key objectives were to provide an environment that acts as a “home away from home” and that clearly differentiated itself from that of a typical camp. Considerable emphasis was placed upon providing an aesthetically appealing style that promotes a community feel, whilst maintaining levels of privacy.

Specifics included:

  • Unique innovative recreational and communal facilities
  • Design that strongly complements and recognises the traditional landowners of the region
  • Earthworks, concreting, sealed roads
  • Civil/structural works
  • Waste and water treatment plants
  • Electrical, plumbing, communications
  • Bitumen roads, line marking
  • Chemical storage facility
  • Transportation infrastructure


  • Location Eliwana WA
  • Services Mining village
  • Client FMG