Design A Donga Unveiling

Perth turned on the perfect balmy summer evening for the Design A Donga Unveiling at The Camfield on November 14.

June 23, 2021

Over 300 attendees were able to explore 7 accommodation rooms, 4 in an existing Donga that had undergone refurbishment and each of the rooms had progressive features added and 3 in a brand new design and construct accommodation building, purpose built to improve the living conditions of our FIFO workforce.

Hosted by the WA Mining Club Young Professionals, Grounded as a founding sponsor was delighted to work closely with Modular WA in the design and build of the new accommodation rooms and a plethora of suppliers who provided their products and knowledge to the builds. A sincere thanks to major sponsor Fortescue Metals Group for providing the existing Donga that underwent various levels of transformation in each of the existing rooms.

The design features and amenities constructed were based on a survey that had been sent to FIFO workers from the WA Mining Club Young Professionals, asking them for feedback and recommendations on what they would like in their remote accommodation rooms. Just some of the features included better acoustics, ambient lighting, blackout blinds, larger bathroom facilities, storage capacity, better flooring and walls, and more energy efficient rooms.

Thank you to Business Development Manager, Louise Daniels for coordinating the builders and suppliers in addition to numerous other tasks in making this event happen. Also to Courtney Graham for his thoughtful and impressive presentation.

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