IGO Western Areas Mining Village

February 14, 2023

Done and dusted!⁠⁠ Grounded have recently completed works to the Western Areas (now IGO) mining village. ⁠⁠

The project consisted of updates to the site kitchen, the supply and install of a new maintenance office as well as the supply and construct of a new transit facility at the airstrip.⁠⁠

A factor that needed to be considered was to ensure that the kitchen staff would be able to continue to prepare and cook meals to feed the 400 to 500 employees on site - around the clock. In response, Grounded provided a fully functional mobile kitchen which was used whilst works to the kitchen were executed.⁠⁠

The specifics included:⁠

🛠 Provide a fully functional mobile kitchen⁠
🛠 Build a fully enclosed walkway from mobile kitchen to existing kitchen⁠
🛠 Removal & reinstatement of kitchen appliances, benches & sinks
⁠🛠 Demolition of existing kitchen floor area⁠
🛠 Removal & replacement of rotten timber joists
⁠🛠 Patching & repainting of the ceiling area⁠
🛠 Replace cool room doors⁠
🛠 Pad preparation for the new modular office
⁠🛠 Installation of the new maintenance office⁠
🛠 Complexing of new maintenance office⁠
🛠 Construction and erection of new transit facility at airstrip
⁠🛠 Supply & installation of underground waste tanks

⁠⁠Great work team Grounded!

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