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The West Angelas accommodation facility has 1606 accommodation rooms in 3 & 4 bed modular configuration. This project focuses on the design and construct of a transit facility to allow room sharing in the village.

The objective of this project is to enable residents to use a transit facility to prepare for the journey home. The transit facility includes locker storage, showers and a lounge. Currently, residents shower and store their belongings in their room, rearing the room occupied 100% of the time, even when on R&R. The transit facilities will enable residents to prepare for the journey home, in a managed area away from their room. Residents will be able to pack and store their belongings in lockable wardrobes located in their rooms, thus releasing the room back to RTIO to optimise whilst residents are on R&R.

This project requires the installation of a complex modular facility, which involves:

  • The deconstruction & transport of existing facilities
  • New transit lounge and office space
  • New shower blocks (57 showers)
  • New locker block with approx. 1100 lockers, boot racks and bench seating
  • Establishing new building maintenance buggy patio

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